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Practice Smarter, Not Harder

Learning how to practice well is an incredibly value skill to have, especially if you are trying to learn difficult music in a limited amount of time. Here are some links to articles to help you develop an effective and efficient practice routine. Which of these tools and ideas seem the most relevant to your current situation?


Tone Study

Here are some YouTube links to inspire you as explore your own concept of sound and develop your own musical voice.  Each player’s tone has different qualities.  What color or texture or shape or character would you use to describe each of their sounds?  Which characteristics do you want to incorporate into your own sound?

Hans Schellenberger playing Poulenc:

Elaine Douvas playing Strauss:

Albrecht Mayer performing Vaughan Williams:

Katherine Needleman and Jane Marvin performing Telemann:

Alex Klein playing J.S. Bach:

Rebecca Henderson playing Barber:

Francois Leleux playing C.P.E. Bach: